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How do Wax Pens work ?

As cannabis continues to become legally and readily accessible, so too do the different ways in which cannabis products are enjoyed. While even novice users may be accustomed to enjoying THC-infused edibles or smoking dry herbs, many are surprised to see wax concentrate available. That wax concentrate, often called wax dabs, is not entirely new. […]

What’s so special about White Runtz ?

Cannabis plants grown from seed have two parents—a male (to fertilize) and a female. Crosses like White Runtz are created when a male of one strain fertilizes a female of another. It is classified as a “hybrid” because its lineage includes Cannabis Indica strains and Cannabis Sativa strains. PARENT 1: ZKITTLEZ Zkittlez is an indica […]

Select Elite Live Cartridge Review: Purity, Potency & Flavor

Vape pens are at the top of the list for convenience and discretion, but they often disappoint for a number of other reasons: weird fillers, excessive artificial flavoring, mediocre taste and lack of potency, to name a few. And after 2019’s vaping illness outbreak, consumers are wise to be cautious about what they’re inhaling. One […]